About SiddhaWay

A mission beyond our own spiritual growth

As you may have already noticed, SiddhaWay delivers spiritual teachings from Pranashakty. So then why did we need a separate website? What difference can this make for you?

Here are the answers.

A passion & specialization

While Pranashakty works on a common goal, some of Pranaji’s students develop an interest in specializing in a specific spiritual area.  Our spiritual mission and purpose automatically unfold as we progress spiritually under Sri Pranaji’s training. It can be anything like blending herbs and energy, alchemy, helping autistic children, spiritual self-defense, inner beauty program – to name a few. With Sri Pranaji’s blessings, Jothinanda shares his specializations through SiddhaWay.org.

Sri Pranaji’s teachings, delivered by Jothinanda

Jothi Siddhar Lineage

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Sri Pranaji

 Sri Pranaji (founder of Pranashakty), an enlightened guru and founder of the JothiSiddhar Lineage, is the glowing representation of the Universal Truth, that even a householder, with dedicated practice, can achieve enlightenment. He is a Master who made all spiritual secrets available for a commoner.


Since meeting Sri Pranaji in 2004, Jothinanda has been a part of every spiritual Journey that Pranashakty took. He was initiated by Sri Pranaji as an Acharya in 2008 and is also from the world’s first batch of students who completed the Shakty Enlightenment Program.

The Jothi Siddhar Lineage

A spiritual lineage is more than a name. It connects a follower to the power, blessings, and spiritual support systems from many Masters and parent lineages related to it. Irrespective of whether the lineage is new or old, the events and connections that lead to it originate from ancient times.

Sri Pranaji founded Jothi Siddhar Lineage to address the spiritual sift. He aims to create enlightened masters with complete SSiddhi (ultimate mastery) of using energy in this lineage.

Don’t every enlightened man already have this mastery? Not necessarily. Enlightenment is the start of a journey, and it gives you practices to explore further. Those who study problems in scientific ways and create spiritual solutions and achieve new mastery are called Siddhas.

In Jothi Siddhar Lineage, we develop Siddhi in handling energy more profoundly and applying it for practically anything – be it preserving medicine qualities, treating autism, spiritual self-defense, astrology, psychology, or achieving enlightenment.