Ashta Lakshmi Initiation

Access attributes of 8 forms of Mahalakshmi through free weekly initiation series (online)




All forms of abundance, available for those who sincerely seek!

Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance. Abundance has many forms. It can be an abundance of wealth, health, knowledge, or anything associated with the meaning of abundance. This system by Acharya Jothinanda attempts to take a step toward extending help to everyone in this aspect through 8 forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Adi Lakshmi

Completed on 14th Jan 2023

Adi Lakshmi is the manifestation who supports a seeker to reach their source. She is believed to proffer unlimited material and spiritual wealth.

Dhana Lakshmi

Completed on 28th Jan 2023

Dhana Lakshmi is Lakshmi in her form as the goddess of material wealth. Dhana Lakshmi is depicted with six hands, in red garments, carries the Sudarshana Chakra, shankha, kalasha.

Dhanya Lakshmi

Completed on 13th Feb 2023

The third forms of Goddess Lakshmi in Ashta-Lakshmi Dhanya Lakshmi. Dhanya is food grains – full of natural nutrients and minerals required for a healthy body and mind.

Gaja Lakshmi

Completed on 05 Mar 2023

This form of Goddess Lakshmi is the bestower and protector of wealth, prosperity, grace, abundance, and royalty. Gaja Lakshmi (Gaja = Elephant) is also a giver of animal wealth (such as cattle)

Santana Lakshmi

Completed on 23 Apr 2023

The fifth form of Goddess Lakshmi is Santana Lakshmi. She is the Goddess of the treasure of the family life. Worshipers of Santana Lakshmi are bestowed with the wealth of good children possessing good health and long life.

Dhairya Lakshmi

Completed on 23 Apr 2023

This form of Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes courage and strength, and power. Dhairya Lakshmi (Dhairya = valor or courage) is worshiped to gain valor and strength, overcome life’s difficulties, and lead a life of stability.

Vijaya Lakshmi

21 May 2023

Vijaya Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi (Victorious Lakshmi) is also a manifestation drawn from Durga. She is a form of the goddess who bestows victory, not only in battles but also in conquering hurdles to achieve success.

Vidya Lakshmi

21 May 2023

Vidya Lakshmi (Knowledge Lakshmi) is the goddess and the bestower of knowledge of arts and the sciences. She is dressed in a white saree and resembles the goddess Saraswati.

Origin of the system

Acharya Jothi Siddhar Jothinanda created this system with the commoner’s ease of use in mind. Until now, distances and practicalities prevented everyone from having easy access to the complete Mahalakshmi Diksha. Although the supreme Mahalakshmi Diksha cannot be replicated online, the Ashta Lakshmi Diksha series aims to provide at least 50% of its effectiveness. The Ashtalakshmi Diksha series offers access to divine attributes, and the direct Mahalakshmi Diksha creates a connection between you and the divine consciousness of Mahalakshmi, who embodies all the attributes of Ashta Lakshmis.


Since meeting Sri Pranaji in 2004, Jothinanda has been a part of every spiritual Journey that Pranashakty took. He was initiated by Sri Pranaji as an Acharya in 2008 and is also from the world’s first batch of students who completed the Shakty Enlightenment Program.


Next event:
Vijaya Lakshmi & Vidya Lakshmi Diksha
21 May 2023: 9.30 PM to 11 PM (Indian Standard Time)

 Before you join, please read:

  • Each event in the series provides initiation to one aspect of Mahalakshmi and Shanti Siddhi Diksha.
  • The date and time of the next event will be announced one week prior.
  • You can join any event in the series and benefit from the specific Dikshas even if you missed a previous event. For instance, you can participate in the Diksha of Vijaya Lakshmi even if you missed Dhairya Lakshmi. However, if you miss a Diksha, you must wait for three months until it is repeated.
  • Please note that this event is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 18 years of age.

To join our online events, please register using the form provided below. You will receive an invitation link to a dedicated WhatsApp group via email. This ensures that we can minimize spam requests. The events are conducted via video call, and the link to the call will be shared with the group 30 minutes prior to the event. You are welcome to stay in the group for future events.