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Step 1

Click on the following image expand. Look at it 2 minutes.  Then close your eyes and chant the personal mantra for at least 10 minutes. You can extend the chanting beyond 10 minutes if you want. After finishing the chanting, please move to step two. 

See your personal mantra

Step 2

Take 200 ml of drinking water in transparent glass. Click on the following image to expand. Place the glass in front of the image for 2 minutes to energize it. Please ensure that the glass is directly in front of the image. If you are using a computer monitor, please keep the glass in the same level as the image. Please drink the energized water completely. 

This is the end of the meditation

The energies have started to work on you. Please remember that this meditation creates a connection to deities. Dedication and perseverance will bring more blessings and energies.