Dosha Vihara Program

Astrological remedies, through deities of influencing planets

Astrology is not destiny. It is an opportunity. Along with Astrology, ancient Siddhas created powerful practices for remedies too. Unfortunately, over the years, due to lack of proper training, the knowledge was lost in time & remedies reduced to time taking physical efforts. Today, we are bringing it back to its original form.


The Approach

Fee Structure


How planets influence us?

If you thought that the planets revolving around the sun were influencing us, it is time to change that understanding. Old star-based time calculation caused the wrong understanding. In fact, “planets” in astrology are energies. They change cyclically, influenced by complex but predictable cosmic formulas. That formula is called Astrology, and those repeating energy patterns, due to their nature, are called planets.

How do these energies influence us?
These energies are always around us and are constantly influencing our energy bodies. Our etheric and physical nerves act like an antenna to receive them. Those energies may create some blocks or release some. That, in turn, influences our energy and mind, and life starts changing accordingly. Are you seeing an opportunity now? Yes, the energy field! 
That is where our opportunity is!

Astrology Predicts Karma. Karma is learning, not punishment.

There is a general misconception that Karma is a punishment and destiny. But actually, Karma is learning. The moment you know, Karma dissolves. That is why enlightened people get rid of karmas, as their knowledge is beyond the karmic level. For us, the trick lies in how to accelerate this learning. That is why deities were created for each planet and assigned to help us overcome the issues energetically. 

Let’s solve it the Siddha Way!

This is where the smartness of the Siddhas system comes to the rescue. Solving planetary influence needs help from a highly trained spiritual person as it needs access to soul energy and deities. Soul energy means, the energy of Brahman, the God himself. As that person can “transmit” the energies for anyone, you can receive them and benefit. It requires only 10 minutes of your time every day. Each remedy is designed based on a person’s problem area. The Dosha Vihara Program creates the opening in between stream of your Karmic events so that you get an opportunity to rise up and act. 

What can this be used for?

Dosha Vihara can be used to soothe the effect of any planetary influence. It can help you with financial, relationship issues, multiple areas of life, manifest your wish, spiritual or anything due to your horoscope’s impact (in spiritual words, the karmic events).  

How are we going to do it?

Step 1 : Send your planetary issues to us

Let us know the planetary influence that you are going through. If you don’t have access to an astrologer, let us know only the problem(s) that you are trying to solve. We can figure out the right therapy for you.

Step 2 : We will send personalized mantra & yantra to you

We will program the energy (of soul and the deity) and create a simple personal mantra for you. You will receive a personal login and simple instructions for daily practice.

Step 3 : Practice daily

After receiving instructions, please practice daily for 10 min until the  issues due to planetary influence are resolved/reduced. We will be available for clarifications and guidnace.

We are spiritual peole who know the secret of astrology

SiddhaWay is a team of spiritual people, and we solve issues in spiritual ways. We are not astrologers. We don’t just calculate everything mathematically but go a step beyond to solve it practically.

Fee Structure

We charge only a nominal fee for the effort and time of the people involved. The program delivers energies and life-changing experiences for you.

Program fee

$100 USD


6 months

  • The program provides access to Dosha Vihara Personalized Remedy for six months. 

Pricing Policy:
Please review our pricing policy before making payment

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