Siddha Immune Booster Program

Through video conference on Sunday, 7th June 2020 at 8:00 PM


About the program

Siddha Immune Booster initiates deep transformation in your system with the help of Cosmic Energy.

  • Activate energy centers to boost natural
  • Immunity and vitality
  • Remove toxins, including mercury deposites
  • Improve energy circulation
  • Remove Anger & Fear
  • Learn about Siddha Super Food

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Duration: 4 hrs

Medium of instruction: English

Course fee: Actual course fee : 2000 INR. Due to current social & economic situation, this course is offered with a reasonable donation for energy exchange.

Why do we need this?

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

Every year we go through ups and downs, for some it is finances, for some relationships, for some career, for some health … The list is endless and we always end up thinking we are the only ones facing all the challenges life can bring.But this year, 2020 has been a major hit for all … the entire world is down and facing the biggest calamity due to covid 19. With the entire world at lock down, no one knows what tomorrow will be like.

Everyone is in shock, ensuring there is food stocked by, making sure there is no outside contact so as to be safe, there is security to make sure there is social distancing.The economy has been hit badly, whether it’s an airline, a restaurant, a plumber, maid everyone is in a dilemma about their jobs, pay cuts, the losses are huge and for many even a simple meal is difficult.

A slight sneeze or cough stirs up so much fear, and if a person in the near radius tests positive for Corona virus … There is mayhem all over the place.Staying safe, avoiding contact ensuring no surface, lift, door knobs, benches, trolleys, even milk packets and newspapers if touched need to be sanitised .. there is paranoia everywhere.

The biggest challenge is the fear and immunity, that has spread like wildfire. No one is ready to dive deep down to find out what the main cause is/ was for the deceased or survived. The statistics just give the count, and everyone gets more frantic.Truly many have died and many have survived.