Jothi Body of Light Retreat
& Mahalakshmi Diksha

Jothi Retreat

One of the most profound spiritual experiences – Jothi, is regarded as a game-changer in your spiritual transformation. Start a new phase in your spiritual journey with the ability to access unlimited bliss, unlimited Jothi, ability to heal and give Jothi Blessing. The retreat also opens the Ananda Gandha Chakra, teaches you Sarva Shakti Sadhana, and makes you a blessing giver and healer. The retreat also provides you with practical experiences mystical support system that will guide you through your journey.


  • How to correct bone alignments in 30 minutes using energy?
  • Open Ananda Gandha Chakra
  • Cosmic Jothi Diksha – (connenct to the light of God)
  • Become a blessing giver and healer
  • Huge aura expansion that can be experienced 
  • Practical experiments

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More About Jothi Retreat

Physical Transformations

Energetic Transformations 

Cosmic Jothi Activation given in the Jothi Body of Light retreat not only connects to the unlimited flow of Jothi but also prepares you for a bigger transformation. Cosmic Jothi is universal Atma. Access to this not only gives you so much power, but it will also make it easier to get knowledge of Inner Atma later, which is the ultimate goal of our practice.

Sri Pranaji

Founder, Pranashakty

Mahalakshmi Diksha

When it comes to wealth and prosperity, Mahalakshmi Diksha is one of the most sacred processes in the Siddha tradition. It creates a connection with Goddess Mahalakshmi, who bestows wealth and prosperity. This Diksha allows you to send your prayers and receive blessings from the Goddess directly. This process makes a huge difference compared to the regular mode of prayers using mantras and yantras where only the energy is involved. Through this process, Sri Pranaji is taking another step to solve the issues of a Sadhak most profound and divine way. With honest and full-hearted prayer, many Sadhaks have transformed their lives and soothe the effects of their daily burden of life. 

You can opt for receiving only Mahalakshmi Diksha (without participating in the Jothi Retreat). Please see registration section for details.

Sri Pranaji’s teachings, delivered by Jothinanda

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Sri Pranaji

 Sri Pranaji (founder of Pranashakty), an enlightened guru and founder of the Jothi Siddhar Lineage, is the glowing representation of the Universal Truth, that even a householder, with dedicated practice, can achieve enlightenment. He is a Master who made all spiritual secrets available for the commoner.


Since meeting Sri Pranaji in 2004, Jothinanda has been a part of every spiritual Journey that Pranashakty took. He was initiated by Sri Pranaji as an Acharya in 2008 and is also from the world’s first batch of students who completed the Shakty Enlightenment Program.

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